Make memorable meals.

Nommune is a cooking platform that empowers cooks of all skill levels, backgrounds and needs to create delicious, beautiful and unforgettable meals. We believe that eating and sharing meals with others is one of life's greatest joys. Cooking should be fun, easy, and inspirational.

Our mission

To make cooking accessible to everyone.

What we're working on


What's a cooking platform without beautifully photographed, well-researched and thoroughly tested recipes? We're constantly adding new recipes and working on improving the cooking experience.


It's good to be prepared. We're working on meal, menu and event planning tools to help everyone organise and cook for any goal or occasion. Yes, collaborative features are in the works.


We believe everyone can cook like the best chefs given the chance. We're developing a cooking syllabus to help everyone learn about ingredients, techniques and equipment and become more confident cooks.


Eating is better with friends, and learning to cook is better when you have the support of a community. We can't wait for everyone to share their wins, kitchen disasters and cooking tips.

Our values

Everyone can cook.

Empower everyone to make memorable meals.

Obsess over users.

Empathise with users and solve their problems in delightful ways.

All are welcomed.

Build a respectful, supportive and inclusive community and workplace.

Strive for excellence.

Dedicate attention to detail and quality and continually improve.

Be playful.

Encourage a light-hearted, fun and creative environment and spread joy with food.

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